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USA Handmade White Steer Powder Horn With Scrimshaw Artistry

This is a replica of a Revolutionary War powder horn made from a steer horn. Powder horns were used to hold coarser powder that was used in the barrels of guns during the Revolutionary War. Steer horns were preferred over metal containers due to the risk of sparks igniting the powder. This powder horn is a perfect item for history enthusiasts, reenactors, or as historical décor.

The powder horn features a steer horn with a wooden plug and an adjustable leather strap for easy carrying. The hollow inside of the horn can hold a sufficient amount of powder for use in firearms. This replica is a great addition for anyone interested in the history of the Revolutionary War, as it accurately reproduces the design of powder horns used during that time period.

The production of this powder horn is carried out in the USA, ensuring its authenticity as a historical reproduction. The design of the powder horn is inspired by the practice of personalizing powder horns in the 18th century. Young men would often engrave their names, commemorative dates, and various illustrations on their powder horns. This replica powder horn features a design of a deer etched in the USA by MW, giving it an authentic touch of scrimshaw, a traditional art form involving engraving on ivory or bone.

In summary, this replica powder horn is an accurate representation of the Revolutionary War era powder horns made from steer horns. It is a great item for history buffs, reenactors, or as historical décor. It is handcrafted in the USA and features a design inspired by the personalized powder horns of the 18th century.

Made by Earl Cureton Powder Horn. Marty Wininger Scrimshaw.