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*All prices and times are approximate which may differ from information listed. Due to ceratin circumstances, prices and times are subject to change without warning*

Custom Shapping: 
Felt, straw, and other shapable hats are welcome. 

The "OFF THE SHELF" hat not fitting right?
Left your hat in the HOT CAR?
Our team has a number of techniques to adjust your hat to fit properly. 

Crisp Block: ~ $18.50 - $29.00 
Surface claned with attention to minor spots and stains. Not all stains may come out.
Hat is blocked to an open crown, flat brim unless requested otherwise. Custom shaping when picked up.
Recomended for lightly soiled hats.
1 - 2 weeks

Complete Wash: ~ $49.00 - $60.00
Complete washing (liner included), re-blocking, custom shaping, and re-stiffening. 
Recomended for heavy soiled hats.
2 - 3 weeks

Edge Binding: ~ $56.00
Available in varying sizes and colors.
~ 2 weeks

Eyelets: .50 Cents each
Any size and any pattern.

Factory Service:
Shipped to our preferred factory. 
Sweatbands, Surface clean and/or Factory wash. Ask for details.
2 - 8 weeks - Depending on time of year

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