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About Us

For over a century, Davis Clothing Co. has been a fixture in Delta, Colorado, serving local farmers and ranchers with quality clothing and accessories. What began as the front end retail for Shields Livery and stable service in 1884 was remodeled for clothing retail in 1903. It came to be owened by the Emory brothers of which John W. Davis was and early employee. The Emory Clothing Company established three locations; Paonia, Hotchkiss and Delta. In 1912, along with a partner, Mr. Park, John Davis  purchased Emory Clothing and it became Park Davis Clothing Company. Not long thereafter Mr. Park sold his portion to Mr. Davis and thus the official transformation to the Davis Clothing Company.

The Paonia location was closed in the early 1920's with its fixtures, ladders and cases being moved to the Delta location bolstering the vertical repository of inventory within the store and remains in that vintage today.

While the business has gone through moderate changes over the years, one thing has remained constant: the commitment to serving the local community.

The store's inventory has remained consistent throughout its history, catering to the needs of the local community with pearl snap shirts, work and cowboy boots, jeans, and hats of all shapes and sizes. And it's not just clothing for sale - Davis Clothing Co. also offers hat shaping and cleaning, tailoring, and even has a cobbler to repair your boots.

Today, Davis Clothing Co. is more than just a retail store - it's a piece of Delta's history. The building itself has been around for over 135 years and has played a significant role in the town's development. And inside, customers can still find quality goods and old-fashioned customer service.

Whether you're a farmer or rancher in need of sturdy boots and workwear or a history buff looking to explore Delta's past, a visit to Davis Clothing Co. is well worth your time. From its humble beginnings as a livery stable to its current status as a beloved local institution, Davis Clothing Co. has stood the test of time and continues to serve the community it calls home.
History Alive
In Delta, Colorado... by the simple act... of walking through a door
You can walk the aisles of history.. the narrative engraved on wooden floors

The ambiance will capture your eye... maybe even catch a tear
When you enter this well preserved journey, into yesteryear

Modern business... carefully woven in the tapestry of the past
One hundred years later, the working man, still buying clothes that will last

Much more than clothing, organized in history's kind embrace
Davis clothing is that journey... that restful... historic place

The lilting strains of timeless music... softly... in play
Calms the spirit and for a moment in time, will declutter your day

Preparing for a wedding... searching for clothes or a nice hat
This walk in history, is definitely where it's at

Where history lives, God is honored and genuine help at your request
In this walk back in time, you will feel, a valued and honored guest

Take a moment... seize the day... enter this capsule of time
Walk history's aisles... meet Brad... spend a few dimes

You will leave... with a life... by history enhanced

For a moment in time... rescued... from life's chaotic dance
By Joe Berry
Sep. 2, 2022
A happy and repeat customer of: 
Davis Clothing
401 Main Street
Delta, CO